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Our Crumbly Lancashire Cheese has a fresh, slightly acidic flavour with a smooth and moist texture. Lancashire Cheese was entirely farmhouse made until 1913 when the first factory cheese was made in a dairy at Chipping.

Mild or Tasty. Smooth and buttery. This award winning cheese gets tastier the older it gets.

This is the more mature relative of Creamy Lancashire and is also made in the same traditional method. Tasty Lancashire is a delightfully rich cheese with a delicious mature nutty bite on the finish.

Gently smoked over oak chippings, leaving a delicate, sweet smokey flavour and an attractive deep brown colouration to the outside of the cheese.

Another twist to our Award winning Lancashire cheese, for those wanting something with a bit more of a kick.

This special blend of our award winning Lancashire cheese gives a strong peppery twist to the smooth, buttery favourite.